Carolina Panthers Fans Are No Better At Picking Heads Or Tails Than Their Players

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Fun fact: The Carolina Panthers have not won a single coin toss the entire 2012 season. They are 0-12 when it comes to picking heads or tails, which is befitting for the 3-8 Carolina Panthers, but still woefully short of the 6-6 coin toss record most teams should be sporting at this point in the season.

So the Panthers did what any rational NFL team would do: It put its fate in the hands of its fans. With nothing to lose, head coach Ron Rivera let his team’s Facebook followers decide whether it would be heads or tails for the Panthers in Week 13. And what did Panthers fans do? Well, they went ahead and fucked it all up by voting equal parts heads, equal parts tails. A perfect 50/50 split While it makes complete sense within the laws of probability, it is still super weird and totally indicative of the heartbreaking, disappointing Panthers 2012 season.

All hope is not lost for the Panthers, though. They could swap a trick coin with the real one at the last second. The NFL could employ Harvey Dent to be the referee of their next game. They could also play good football and win some more games despite their o-fer in the coin toss department. But that’s one thought. Also, this could be ‘shopped but I don’t think we need to call any shenanigans. Seems legit.

[Redditor Dakotahawkins]