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Cedric Benson Is A Horrible Rapper

  • Eric Goldschein

Running back free-agent-to-be Cedric Benson apparently had a wild time at SXSW last week. In between allegedly calling a woman a “bitch” and getting into fights, he also grabbed the mic in order to “rock it,” as some might say. But Benson did nothing of the sort. He “freestyled” a few bars, and by freestyled I mean he said a lot of bad words and “rhymed” them with other bad words. He must have been wasted in this video. Don’t quit your day job, Cedric.

Cedric apparently learned to rap from the school of Mad Libs, with each blank space being filled in by the word “fuck.” [NSFW]

Meanwhile, the Bengals signed running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis a few days ago, and it looks like Benson will be looking for a new home in 2012-13. We suggest New Orleans, if only because that’s the home of bad rappers (Curren$y excluded).

[h/t BroBible]