Charl Schwartzel Snaps Club In Half With The Ferocity And Aplomb Of A Young Elin Nordegren

  • Rick Chandler

Seriously, we haven’t seen a golf club used for this level of mayhem since Nov. of 2009 at Tiger Woods’ house. Did you know that Woods has not won a major since that fateful run-in with his ex-wife, and a tree? Well, neither has Charl Schwartzel, now that you mention it.

Not a good look in a major to be walking down the fairway holding just the shaft of your club, while your caddy retrieves the head. Especially when it’s the British Open. But Schwartzel hates this 6-iron with the passion of a million Lorena Bobbits. Charl Smash!

I can’t tell you why I love this GIF so much, but I do:

Zach Johnson leads with a 66. Tiger and Phil Mickelson shot 69.