Check Out The Incredible Condo Chris Bosh Bought In His Hometown Of Dallas

  • Eric Goldschein

chris bosh condo

Usually when an athlete buys a beautiful new place to live in a city other than the one he or she plays in, eyebrows get raised. But we don’t think Heat forward Chris Bosh is headed to the Mavericks anytime soon — he probably just wants a swanky place of his own in his hometown of Dallas.

Swanky might be an understatement for a condo at the Ritz-Carlton. Bosh reportedly paid $3 million for the 4,250-square-foot pad in October, complete with study, media room and spa, and the kitchen/den/living room has a view of downtown Dallas. The building itself has insane amenities like a wine tasting room and on-premises restaurant. This is what you can afford when you are rich, folks.

Bosh has it all now — championship rings, beautiful wife, and a place in the city he was born to call his own. Check it out:


[Neal J. Leitereg]