Chelsea’s Twitter Is Actually Defending Eden Hazard, Who Kicked A Ball Boy In The Ribs

  • Dylan Murphy

A few moments ago, Deadspin posted a video of Chelsea’s Eden Hazard kicking a ball boy in a Cup match against Swansea. After the ball rolled over the end line, the Swansea ball boy rolls over the ball in what is presumably a time-wasting maneuver (Swansea, at home, led 2-0 in the 79th minute in the second leg of the aggregate to make the Cup final).

Hazard, however, was in no mood. So instead of rolling the ball boy over and scooping up the ball, he delivered a quick kick to the ribs instead. He was immediately red carded for the terrible display and Chelsea players came to the aid of the ball boy.

But the reason why we’re bringing you this story, besides the violent kick, is because of Chelsea’s reaction to the red card – not that the ball boy should have been wasting time in the first place, but a kick to the ribs is an auto-send off, and just, well, a horrible thing to do to some poor kid.

Via their Twitter account:

Uh, what? Sportsmanship, anyone? Human decency? Something?

UPDATE (5:18): We now have video of our own:

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