Chris Bosh Is Reportedly Selling His Ridiculous California Palace

  • Eric Goldschein

bosh houseAt one point, Chris Bosh owned two of the most expensive NBA-player owned houses in the league, with Kobe Bryant taking the third. As far as we know, Bosh never sold his Miami home (worth over $12 million), though he did put it on the market last year. Now, Bosh is reportedly primed to sell his Pacific Palisades, CA house, which is less of a house and more of a god damn paradise with a roof — and many parts of it don’t even have a roof.

Bosh was renting this place out for $45,000 a month. It’s insane. Check the stats, via

The mansion swells to approximately 10,755 square feet thanks to six bedroom, eight bathrooms and a host of luxuries ranging from an in-house move theater to a billiards room with sports bar to a palatial master suite with its own ocean view balcony.

It also has an infinity pool and basketball court. And the still-beating hearts of every basketball groupie:


Now that Bosh is in Miami for the long haul, thanks to his five-year, $118 million deal, perhaps he’s realized the folly of having a palace in California, along with a palace in Miami, and a pretty sweet condo in Dallas as well.

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