Let The Cleveland Cavaliers Blow Your Mind For The First Time With Their 3D Court Projections

  • Eric Goldschein

cavaliers 3d court

When Zydrunas Ilgauskas had his number retired in Cleveland last week, the Cavaliers took the typical pregame intro and halftime ceremony up a notch by introducing some incredible 3D court projections that turned the hardwood into an IMAX screen. Many jokes have already been made about how this is the best thing the Cavs have done all season, but seriously — this is the best thing the Cavs have done all season.

Here’s the pregame intro, which is usually reserved for a choppily edited video of dunks and announcers screaming, along with a light show:

Then the Ilgauskas video, honoring the team’s all-time leader in games played, blocks and rebounds, continued to blow our collective minds:

The display is courtesy of Quince Imaging, who provided a technical description of what the hell is happening:

Using a combination of 3D mapping techniques and video content produced by the Cavs own QTV team and Think Media, Quince transformed the court surface and surrounding screens into an immersive video environment.

Utilizing the latest revision of Pandoras Box version 5.5 and the newly released version of Warper, video content was aligned to the graphic design elements on the Cavs basketball court.

The system was comprised of 16 HD projectors, creating a pixel space of 3600×1878.

Cool. So cool. Cool enough to bring LeBron back to Cleveland? He did return there for a night, so, kind of, but we doubt he had any idea something of this technological magnitude was to take place.

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