Clint Dempsey Is Introduced To Sounders Fans With One Of His Signature Rap Videos

  • Jake O'Donnell

Clint Dempsey is the best American soccer player ever. Now, he’s also the richest. But here’s the kicker: He has all these dang rap videos he made, like, four years ago. And they are kind of hilarious. So last night when he was introduced to CenturyLink Field, naturally, they played one.

It’s called “Dont Tread”, and it’s about soccer. You can’t make these things up. Check it out in it’s entirety below.

But hey, rich people can do whatever the hell they want. And that’s Clint. Here’s the kind of ridiculous, unprecedented cash we’re talking about.

Via The Seattle Times: Tottenham would receive a $9 million transfer fee — the highest in MLS history — and Seattle would guarantee Dempsey $32 million over the next four seasons. It would be the largest base salary ever given to an MLS player.

It works out to about $8M a season. Considering that the next biggest contract in the league is Thierry Henry’s $5 million per year, Dempsey just basically blew the lid off the sport in this country. He’ll hit the field next Saturday in Toronto.