Does This 4-Year-Old Have Better Ball-Handling Skills Than You? Probably!

  • Tom Lorenzo

I’m not entirely sure how to assess just how good 4-year-old basketball prodigy Cody Jordan is. He’s definitely awesome, for being 4 years old, but I can guarantee you that I could beat him one-on-one. So, does that make him special? I guess so, but only ever so slightly.

Here’s video of Jordan breaking ankles of some other little kids, which isn’t really hard to do, except for when you yourself are a little kid. I mean, try it. I bet if you and I went and played street ball against a bunch of little kids, we could probably put a pretty impressive mix tape together. Then again, seeing as Jordan himself is a child, this is where I become torn.

What do you think? Is he any good?

Yeah, this kid has amazing ball-handling skills, but these strange, seemingly exploitative mixtape videos are pretty ridiculous and they need to stop. Then again, it’s only a matter of time before someone like Carter Blanchard comes knocking at your door.

[via Guyism]