Colin Kaepernick: Very Good At Football, Fulfilling Childhood Dreams

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Well isn’t this just the cutest. A fourth-grade Colin Kaepernick wrote a letter to himself (it’s not weird, it’s just a normal fourth grade thing to do) about where he’d be in seven years. The self-motivating, enormous fourth grader (5-foot-2 in fourth grade?) was spot on, saying he’d play for either the Niners or Packers.

Among other things, as Deadspin points out, he was spot-on his height prediction, and didn’t even have to put up with being on a team that isn’t good. Kaepernick didn’t do quite as well with his weight goal (he was about 50 pounds shy), but that’s OK, because at 190, well, Alex Smith still might be under center for San Francisco.

You can bet if Colin Kaepernick wants something, he’s gonna get it. Not many of us have the foresight to fulfill goals we set for ourselves as nine-year-olds, let alone goals as lofty as wanting to play for one of the NFL’s most storied franchises. Good job, fourth-grade Colin. If you only wrote “I want to win a Super Bowl” after listing all your friends. Either way, I’m sure Kyle R. would have been very happy for you.