Get It, Girl: Fans Run Onto Field At College World Series; One In Particular Has A Shining Moment

  • Matt Rudnitsky

It’s every fan’s dream (or mine, at least) to rush the field at a sporting event and somehow escape without being tackled. It’s like scoring a touchdown from the stands, eluding the players and security, making it back into the safety of the stands (at least until they get you there). At the College World Series matchup between South Carolina and Arizona, a group of fans may have figured out the only way to pull off a successful field rush with an escape. Send multiple runners out on the field during the seventh-inning stretch, when people are letting their guard down. Watch these (relatively) clever fans make a go for it:

To recap: Fan number one gets off to a nice start, but clearly doesn’t have the requisite athleticism or stamina, breaking his own ankles on an attempted juke. It was a nice effort, but he just didn’t have enough natural ability to escape. Still, you have to admire his initiative, going first and getting the shenanigans started. He’s a trailblazer. C+

The second dude you can make out has the power, but not the speed. His attempt to stiff-arm the guards and hold them off is funny, but clearly not smart. The only way to pull it off is with speed and quickness. He does a solid job, but never has a chance. D+

Then, at about 20-30 seconds in, the star of the show makes her move. It’s tough to make out in the video, but yes, the woman on the field grabbed two player’s butts. A+

Looks like Joey Rickard, the player being grabbed, doesn’t mind too much. I guess it gets lonely out there in center field. Must be nice to have some company for a change.

BUT WAIT. FAN NUMBER ONE IS BACK! Go to 43 seconds. He pretends to acquiesce to the guards’ grips on him, but then he busts loose, makes a quick turn around and heads for the left-field wall! He’s no Speedy Gonzalez, but his head start is enough to get him to the wall untouched. Yet his attempt to scale the wall fails, and he’s trapped. A nice fan tries to help him up, but it’s too late. He’s brought down forcefully by the guard (at 0:55) and pinned to the ground. Valiant effort, great smarts and decent speed, but just not enough on the jump. They even need three guards to make sure he doesn’t escape on the way back. Bravo. A-

People rushing the field don’t usually make the most of it and give up too easily. But not this guy. That is how it’s done. Sure, he didn’t succeed, but you can’t knock him for trying. He’s an inspiration.

But if anyone was going to succeed, they should have gone for it while the three guards were occupied. The guy gave them the perfect setup. It’s a shame these were the only people in the stands with some balls. You don’t get a better opportunity than that. We may not see a better chance in our lifetimes.

[h/t Jon Bois]