In Which A Snowmobiler Falls 120 Feet And Still Wins A Winter X Games Gold Medal

  • Tom Lorenzo

Everyone is talking about freestyle snowmobiler Colten Moore this evening, and for good reason. It’s not just because he won the gold medal in the freestyle championships at tonight’s Winter X Games, but he did so like an absolute champ.

During his semifinals run, Moore took off from the ramp and lost a handle of his snowmobile, dropping some 120 feet, just like that, into the hard-packed snow. The sound itself is enough to make you wince. Check it out:

Naturally, the dude got up, quit and walked away… wait, what? Strike that. In true championship fashion, Moore got back on his horse snowmobile and not only performed another run, but, as I spoiled earlier in the post, he won the gold medal. And as if that wasn’t enough, he then went on to… “Tebow.” Yeah, he dropped to his knee and Tebowed. Big ups to Moore.

[via SB Nation]