One Look At This Guy Arm Wrestling A Motorcycle Will Get You Amped For ‘Game Of Arms’

  • Eric Goldschein

If you thought arm wrestling was only good for emasculating your friends, or getting emasculated by your friends, or winning (or losing) a drunken argument with a stranger, think again. You can actually join competitive arm wrestling clubs and, if you get on AMC’s upcoming show “Game of Arms,” win some money.

“Isn’t all arm wrestling competitive?” you ask, annoyingly. Yes, but tell me if you’d do what Don Underwood, from the clip below, does to train for his upcoming matches:

“Game of Arms” follows members of arm wrestling clubs in Erie, Kansas City, New York, Sacramento and Baton Rouge. There are other previews out there, and we are way, way more excited for it than we’d thought we’d be. It debuts Feb. 25.