Fans Bring Tons Of Gnarly Weapons To The Copa Italia, Boo PSY Off Stage (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Believe or not, the guys who bring homemade Byzantine weaponry to a soccer match also don’t like K Pop. Go figure. Here’s another takeaway: you can’t bring homemade Byzantine weaponry into a soccer stadium. Your mind blown yet?

Check out the cache of broomsticks-with-knives-adhered-to-them Policia confiscated. Stay classy, Rome. In defense of Italian soccer culture, this was the first ever Rome derby played as a League Final, and some guy at a bar once told me Lazio supporters are “openly racist”, or at least their organized criminal division is.

Once again, not a surprise the paramilitary faction of “Nazio” booed Gangnam Style, however, we will admit it’s still the most annoying song in world and should go to bed now. Very annoying. Not as annoying as murderous racists masquerading as sports fans, but annoying nonetheless.

Lazio ended up beating Roma 1-0 for their sixth Italian title. (Cut to 3:20 and spare yourself having to hear that song another damn time.)

Photo via Dirty Tackle