Only In Kazakhstan Will The Ball Be Floating On Water During A Corner Kick

  • Dylan Murphy

We’re not really sure what happened here: there’s a guy standing with a hose connected to a truck, presumably trying to suck up the overflown water. Or maybe he’s the perpetrator, hard to tell. In either case, the referee doesn’t care. There’s a corner kick to be taken, and no amount of water can disturb the sanctity of soccer’s rules. The kick must be taken from there, on the corner, in the water, regardless. Though we question whether the play is even legal, what with the ball floating, and not sedentary.

Plop. The ball is placed on the ground/water, corner kick at the ready. But wait! He uses his hands to fling the ball forward. FOUL! FOUL! Re-do! This is soccer, after all. No hands, never. The ensuing flick is actually quite clever and well executed, as a second player manages to smack the ball back towards the middle of the field and away from the unknown water particles. But alas, the ball gets battered around until some dope launches it right back to where it came from. Though the video ends there, we presume this entire exercise was rinsed (not actually) and repeated.

[SB Nation]