Coyote Pup Loses Battle With Cactus, Is Rescued By Golf Course Maintenance Crew

  • Rick Chandler

A senior citizen who had just had eye surgery and two golf course maintenance workers became the A-team of wild animal rescue on Tuesday when they spotted a coyote pup who had tangled with a cholla cactus. The cholla is called the jumping cactus because it is evil, basically (velcro-like spines grab and pierce anything that comes near).

Just as no one touches the Shaqtus, no one touches the Cholla.

It happened in Sun City West, AZ, where senior resident Gwen Maxwell spotted the cacti-adorned canine wandering in the street, and got a neighbor to call for help. Eventually the coyote made its way to her yard, where its parents showed up to keep vigil. Then the puppy walked to a nearby golf course.

The coyote pup eventually walked away from Maxwell’s home and towards the Pebblebrook Golf Course, where it would come in contact with maintenance worker Jose Soto and Assistant Superintendent Shawn Bordine.

With the help of heavy leather gloves and a pair of pliers, Bordine and Soto were able to remove the pieces of cactus from the coyote.

“Jose and Shawn did such a good job,” said Maxwell. “They were very gentle.”

After removing all the cactus, Bordine and Soto took the coyote pup between some houses and let it go join its mother and siblings.

It was a joyful reunion. Mostly they were glad that Carl Spackler had the day off.

“Dad gave him a couple of licks, they played, and then ran away,” said Bordine. “I’m glad we were able to help, because I hate to see an animal down.”

All fixed better. Yay!


H/T SportsbyBrooks.