Cristiano Ronaldo Broke The Wrist Of Britain’s Most Articulate 11-Year-Old

  • Ricky Boebel

During Monday’s friendly between Real Madrid and Championship League English club A.F.C Bournemouth, Cristiano Ronaldo sent a free kick into an 11-year-old. The strike resulted in a broken wrist for the kid and bragging rights over all his school chums.

That face at the end is the universal sign for “I just crushed that interview.”

When I was 11, I’m not sure if I put one sentence together that made grammatical sense. This kid spouted out six perfectly formed sentances, on-camera in one take.

His dad definitely helped him with the part about his old man falling out of tree. In fact, he probably had a team of writers from a publicity agency working on the speech. He has set the standard for public appearances pretty high for the rest of his life. He’ll surely be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain and I’ll be the first to endorse his nomination.