Dan Patrick Has A Really Sad Conversation With A Fired/Scorned Long-Time ESPN Employee (Hint: He Had A Show Once)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Remember that show Stump the Schwab? Sports nerds went head to head in a trivia battle against the head of ESPN’s statistics department? Nope? Nothing? This jog your memory? Well, he was fired, erg, laid off, by a downsizing ESPN after working there for twenty-six years. Working his way up just to be dropped like a fat sack of useless sports knowledge.

Damn, the worldwide leader in sports is the worldwide leader in cold-ass-business-decisions, considering this dude (Howie Schwab) is a really nice guy who has devoted most of his life to ESPN and is also taking care of a sick wife. Sad.

Saddest part: When Dan has to cut to commercial and tells Schwab he’s gotta go, and Schwab says “well, I have some free time.” Gulp.

Dan Patrick hates the mothership, as he calls his former employer, and it’s not surprising. Over the years, chatter has slowly leaked out of the Bristol campus about how nuts it gets there. Case in point: ESPN must have a great reason for laying off “hundreds” of long time employees after their parent company, Disney, posted a 36% uptick in earnings per share around the same time.

Mo’ Mickey, mo’ problems…