It Looks Like David Beckham Is Coming Back To The MLS To Start A Franchise In Brooklyn

  • Jake O'Donnell

When David Beckham signed his first soccer contract, the MLS didn’t even exist. Cut to twenty years later, Beckham has finally retired and the U.S. has a growing Division 1 league thanks in part to his stint in Los Angeles.

Looks like he isn’t done making his mark on American soccer.

According to Fox Sports, Beckham’s contract with the Galaxy included the option to start an expansion franchise — because “that excites me,” he said in 2009. “I have the option of owning a franchise,” he added. “It will happen eventually.”

It only makes sense. Giving the Red Bulls some competition will cause them to double their efforts at fielding a good squad, as well as divide the city in a Mets/Yankees type of setting. That kind of thing gets people talking shit and increases their level of emotional investment in the MLS. Baddabing!

With plans to add another New York team already in the works, it’s a damn near sure thing Beckham will be involved (likely to the tune of $25M as per his contractual stipulations regarding franchise ownership). Rumor has it that Man City owner, Sheikh Mansour, will be the real money behind the operation. Couple that with the recent success of the Brooklyn Nets move to the borough, as well as borough President Marty Markowitz’s attempts to beat out Queens in the race for a pro soccer team, and it’s not much of a stretch to imagine Beckham doing his best Jay-Z impression as the face of a franchise there.

Photo via Getty, H/T Fox Sports