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David Beckham Has Beef With San Jose, Including Earthquakes’ Mascot Q

  • CJ Fogler

David Beckham took exception to Rafael Baca kicking the ball down the field during extra time as the LA Galaxy were trying to tie the game. His reaction earned him a yellow card – and sparked several minutes of screaming, as well as pushing and shoving between the two teams.

When Baca kicked the ball upfield as Beckham was trying to set up for a throw in, and Sam Cronin of the Earthquakes was down on the field, Beckham’s reaction was to kick the ball at Baca. Unfortunately, he missed, and instead hit the downed player and the referee, earning himself a yellow card.

Funny how fast the “injured” Cronin popped up to complain, isn’t it? After a scrum, the teams were separated and the throw in attempted. The referee then whistled the end of the contest, and things got interesting once more, with Beckham and others jawing at several San Jose players – plus the mascot.

Beckham was really incensed, and was not giving in, and with the Three Musketeers facial hair he was sporting, I expect swordplay during the next match between the two clubs.