Deion Sanders’ Daughter Joins Family Business Of Showing Off Too Much While Playing Sports

  • Jake O'Donnell

Prime Time is probably wishing he’d spent a little more quality time with his daughter (Deiondra, duh), now that she’s headed for the Bikini Basketball League. Before you get your hopes or anything else up, this league isn’t like it’s lingerie football counterpart. As Deiondra clarifies, the BBL is composed of real ballers, even some ex-WNBA girls, and they wear sports bras, not lingerie.

I’ll bet this is Deiondra’s way of getting back at her ex-lover and former Denver Nugget, Quincy Miller. Sucks for him. He gets demoted to the D-League, she gets called up to the double D-League. C’est la vie!

[Shutdown Corner, photo via @deiondrasanders ]