Demolition Cleanup Of Jersey Shore’s Jet Star Roller Coaster Appropriately Looks Like Carnival Claw Game

  • Rick Chandler

Big day on the Jersey Shore on Tuesday. First Prince Harry shows up to view Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, then this crane starts demolishing the roller coaster that blew into the ocean during the storm. The iconic Seaside Heights attraction, the Jet Star, went for a swim in the October storm and caused great wailing and gnashing of teeth among the local populace who enjoyed her. It was on Casino Pier, one of the two amusement park piers at Seaside Heights (the other, Funtown Pier, won’t reopen until 2014).

No fun of any kind over there since the storm, unless you count the one guy who climbed on the Jet Star while it was in the ocean and planted an American flag. But don’t worry kids, the rides will be back.

Casino Pier is being rebuilt and will include at least 18 rides this summer, including a new pendulum ride called The Superstorm, in defiance of Sandy.

Jet Star before and after photos: