This Is How You Qualify For The U.S. Open In Style

  • Glenn Davis

Dennis Miller is the golf director at Mill Creek Golf Course in Youngstown, Ohio. He’s a good golfer, having won the Ohio Open in 1996, but his competitive golf career had never gone past those local tournaments or sectional qualifiers for major. (Also, for the record, he has never anchored SNL’s Weekend Update, hosted his own HBO program, or been hired by Monday Night Football in a desperate attempt to reinvent itself.)

But that’s all changed now – Miller qualified for the U.S. Open earlier this week by emerging from a four-person playoff to claim a spot. That he did it at all while going against competitive pro golfers is impressive, but it’s nothing next to how he did it. At first, it looked like a classic “golf is cruel” moment. And then…

Yeah, when golf is cruel, it’s cruel. But when it’s not… well, Miller is probably feeling pretty good about devoting so much of his life to the sport right about now.