Dennis Rodman Talks About Drinking Cocktails With Kim Jong-Un While North Koreans Die Of Starvation

  • Eric Goldschein

dennis rodmanDennis Rodman, who is somehow America’s most trusted envoy to North Korea, recently returned to the Hermit Kingdom for the second time this year. While the last visit was ostensibly a trip to deliver diplomacy in the form of basketball, this trip was apparently done to see what kind of swag Kim Jong-Un has, and how much he balls out.

According to Rodman, Jong-Un has a “seven-star” lifestyle, which isn’t how we measure those sorts of things, but okay. What comprises “seven stars,” Dennis?

“It’s like going to Hawaii or Ibiza, but he’s the only one that lives there.

“He likes people to be happy around him.

“He’s got 50 to 60 around him all the time — just normal people, drinking cocktails and laughing the whole time.

“If you drink a bottle of tequila it’s the best tequila. Everything you want, he has the best.”

That must be so nice. See, I could probably afford the best tequila as well, if I didn’t care about things like feeding millions of people. While Jong-Un reportedly spent over $650 million on luxury items like saunas and musical instruments last year (and approximately $30 million on alcohol alone), his country still receives foreign aid in order to feed its citizens — which isn’t enough to keep parents from killing their children for food.

So that’s where those extra stars come from.

You have to wonder whether Rodman knows that Jong-Un’s lifestyle is built on a foundation of human suffering and just chooses to ignore it, or is truly that oblivious. And which of those would you prefer to be true?

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