Dennis Rodman’s Mouth Says ‘I’m Sorry’, But His Outfit Says ‘I’m Pimpin’

  • Rick Chandler

Dennis Rodman cried during an ESPN interview on Sunday, saying about his recent controversial trip to North Korea: “If you don’t want me to go back there ever again, I won’t go back.”

I suppose I wouldn’t even have mentioned this except for two things: 1. “Say Jim, that’s a bad out-fit! WOOOOOOO!!!!” And, 2. the interview generated what is possibly the greatest paragraph in history:

Sporting a black canvas-like fedora with black feathers in the back and a pair of large-lense, white-framed sunglasses with a nose ring in each nostril, another ring looped around his lower lip and at least one ring in his left ear, Rodman, also wrapped in several bright neck scarves, wondered: “What makes me so damn bad? What makes me this bad, awful person?”

Rodman was asked about singing Happy Birthday to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un during his most recent trip to North Korea:

“I kissed his a– by singing him ‘Happy Birthday,’ I kissed his a– by doing this, by saying I liked the guy, I kissed his a–,” Rodman said. “No I didn’t.”

Rodman also said that he reported to a rehab facility on his return not to undergo formal treatment, but to “decompress” after the stressful trip. OK, then.

Mostly it was a rambling diatribe, as one might have guessed. The outfit was nice, but next time if Rodman wants to really throw us off, he should show up with no jewelry, in a business suit, and offering stock tips.