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Determined To Win Your Heart, Lolo Jones Makes U.S. Bobsled Team Three Weeks After Trying Sport

  • Dylan Murphy

Remember that has been Lolo Jones, who stole all the headlines for her virginity
and fourth place finish and subsequent devastation? Yeah, that one. Well she isn’t ready to fade from the spotlight quite yet, so a few weeks ago she tried her hand at bobsledding. She is apparently good at it.

Via the AP:

“Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones has made the U.S. bobsled team, three weeks after trying the sport for the first time.

Jones is one of six women selected as push athletes for the team, a group that also includes Olympic sprinting gold medalist Tianna Madison. The team was announced in Lake Placid, N.Y., on Thursday.”

U.S. coach Todd Hays had long been seeking out track stars due to his belief that they were perfect for the sport, so the inclusion of Jones isn’t just a stunt. Then again, what? [Insert Cool Runnings joke here] We look forward to this ending in disaster and tears on “The Today Show.”

Photo via Getty