Diana Nyad Just Passed Halfway Point On Fifth Attempt To Swim From Cuba To Florida

  • Rick Chandler

So Diana Nyad set out on Saturday to once again attempt to swim the 103 mile stretch of ocean between Havana, Cuba and Key West, FL. She’s about halfway there, according to her web site, and has been in the water for 33 hours, 45 minutes.

Insane? You bet. This isn’t like swimming the English Channel, which is only 21 miles across. Plus this part of the Caribbean is infested with sharks and jellyfish — the most annoying of which are box jellies, whose stings can end your trip real quickly.

Oh, and did we mention she’s 64 years old?

But this has become her life’s obsession, For some reason.

“The only concern is that she is throwing up everything she eats. She’s quite nauseous from sea salt, but that’s to be expected. It’s very normal for her and we’ve seen it in any of her swims over 15 hours or so. We’re giving her enough calories and nutrition. We’re just going to keep feeding her and we hope that some of it is going down. She’s not weak. Her stroke count hasn’t changed.“

Nyad is attempting to become the first person to swim the 103 miles without the benefits of a shark cage, flippers or wet suit. She’s said it will be her last attempt at that mark, after previous attempts that were thwarted by dehydration, ocean currents and excruciating jellyfish stings to her tongue.

I hate when that happens.

Nyad is wearing a special jellyfish mask this time to ward off the creatures.