Did Floyd Mayweather Bet $5.9 Million On The Miami Heat Tonight? Here’s A List Of The Top Seven Most Outrageous Mayweather Bets

  • Rick Chandler

Apparently Floyd Mayweather has been flittering around Las Vegas sprinkling $100 bills on different sports books like some sort of large gambling pixie. The word on the street is that he bet $5.9 million on tonight’s Pacers-Heat Game 7, on the Heat to win. But you know the street — very unreliable as far as information goes. The street told me the Patriots would win the last Super Bowl.

Anyway, no really reliable source has confirmed the Mayweather bet. It was first reported by a site called Incarcerated Bob’s Sports Wrap, and “confirmed” by Vegas Gambling Steam.

OK then. It should be noted that @Pregame_Steam is not affiliated with Pregame.com, which is a pretty well-respected betting site. Two separate entities entirely.

I’m not even going to speculate on Mayweather’s sanity, because who knows if this is true. Let’s just say that it may make tonight’s game a wee bit more interesting for participants and spectators alike. For instance, LeBron on the line, Heat down by 1 with nine seconds remaining in the game. Think he might steal a glance toward the guy in the front row who allegedly plunked down nearly $6 million on the outcome?

I would also allegedly have paramedics and/or extra security on hand in case LeBron misses that shot.

Yeah, this would be the craziest trip to the sports book counter Mayweather has ever made. As you know, Money has not been shy about trumpeting his gambling successes, and even, rarely, his failures, via social media. We’ll probably never know the true depth of his betting record, but here’s a fun list of the most outrageous sports wagers he’s ever made in the public eye.