Did Mario Balotelli Really Say That Real Madrid Players Could Have Sex With His Girlfriend If They Advance In Playoffs?

  • Rick Chandler

Considering the sources — two Spanish newspapers and a couple of British tabloids — this could be some bullshit. But confirmed soccer bad boy Mario Balotelli allegedly said that, if Real Madrid comes back to win its Champions League semifinal series with Borussia Dortmund, that he would allow the entire Real team to have sex with his girlfriend.

The physics and logistics of this really confuses me, so let’s just go to the alleged quote:

London Daily Mirror:

In the Spanish newspapers AS and Marca, the Italy forward was quoted as saying: ‘If Real Madrid come back in Champions League, I’ll let my girlfriend sleep with them!’

Of course Dortmond won the opener 4-1, which means Real would have to beat them on Tuesday 3-0 to force a shootout, or 4-0 to win outright.

But they have motivation. Balotelli’s girlfriend is Belgian model Fanny Neguesha.

Balotelli is a striker for Milan.

Here’s the original story from Marca, which some are claiming is drawn on fictitious quotes. No! You can always trust the Spanish! Here’s the same thing from AS.