Diego Costa, The Most Hated Player In Brazil, Draws A Soft Penalty To Help Put Spain Ahead

  • Eric Goldschein

Striker Diego Costa isn’t popular in Brazil. He plays for Spain, but did represent the Brazil in a couple friendlies a few years ago. He was granted Spanish citizenship in 2013, and when he decided to ball for Spain, Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari spoke for the whole country when he said:

“A Brazilian player who refuses to wear the shirt of the Brazilian national team and compete in a World Cup in your country is automatically withdrawn. He is turning his back on a dream of millions, to represent our national team, the five-time champions in a World Cup in Brazil.”


So as Spain takes on the Netherlands in their opening match today, it was fitting that the hated Costa drew what some are calling a “soft” penalty in the box that led to a penalty kick goal for teammate Xabi Alonso:

It looks like his foot did get snagged there, but he did a great job selling the rest.

Here’s how Univision, they of the legendary live calls, felt about the foul:

And things got a little testy at the ESPN desk when discussing the penalty at halftime:

UPDATE: Costa sure is pissing everyone off today. The refs missed this pseduo-headbutt; it could have resulted in a red card had they not (plus, FLOP):

He came out in the 62nd minute, not long after this exchange. Seems even his coach had enough of him.

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