Celebrity Afterthought Vows To Get Naked If Fútbol Afterthought Wins Copa America

  • Glenn Davis

Diosa Canales is a model-type person from Venezuela. We didn’t know of her existence before yesterday, but she used a tried-and-true formula to get her name out there: she promised to pose nude if her home country wins the Copa America soccer tournament. If a South American model-type promising to get naked if her country wins a soccer tournament sounds familiar, well…you’ve still got Larissa Riquelme fever, friend. Canales sure seems to.

Alas, the prospect of Venezuela winning Copa America is a little thing we like to call “impossible.” Venezuela’s a non-entity in fútbol-mad South America – the country’s never even qualified for a World Cup, and their best-ever Copa America showing was a fifth-place finish…44 years ago. That’s to say nothing of traditional powers like Brazil and Argentina standing in the way. Venezuela’s not winning this tournament.

But perhaps there’s hope. After all, Riquelme’s initial promise hinged on Paraguay winning the Word Cup. The nation didn’t – but it also didn’t stop her from getting naked in front of the camera. We’re thinking that even after Venezuela’s giant-slaying attempt is stopped in its tracks, Canales’ charge ahead to nudity may not be similarly halted. Here is a glimpse of Canales as a starting point. There’s a chance you’ll get more familiar with her in the coming weeks and months.

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