Diving In Soccer Is Totally Legitimate For Once

  • Rick Chandler

In the U.S. our baseball players celebrate getting to the playoffs by diving into swimming pools. But in Lithuanian soccer, swimming is just part of normal league play. Kudos to the officials who saw a torrential downpour prior to the Div. II match between FC Silas and FC Trakai which turned the pitch into a series of small lakes, and just said “Fuck it: play on.” It led to one of the greatest slop games in pro sports history, and an absolutely tremendous celebration following the game’s only goal.

Trakai’s Nikolaj Misiuk scored on a header midway through the second half, leading to this:

Or, as one YouTube commenter wrote:

“dar ne viena meilutytė tokiuose stadionuose atsiskleis”

Yes, he landed right on his atsiskleis.