Don’t Worry: Windsurfing Will Be In The 2016 Olympic Games

  • Joe Levine

I’m sure you all were upset about windsurfing being dropped from the 2016 Olympics in favor of kiteboarding. Well, if you’re a kiteboarding fan, this news will not sit well: the decision has been reversed. Windsurfing is back and kiteboarding is going back in the garbage.

Apparently, the decision to replace windsurfing with kiteboarding back in May was due to confusion after having to translate windsurfing and kiteboarding for the official vote of what sports would be represented in the 2016 Games. Many Olympic delegates, including the one for the Spanish Sailing Federation, have admitted that they voted for kiteboarding’s inclusion thinking that it was windsurfing.

Luckily for windsurfers and windsurfing fans, a vote passed today to bring windsurfing back. Sorry, kiteboarders. You’ll have your day in the sun eventually. And when you do, you’ll mark the dawn of a new era where all other legitimate sports are slowly replaced by bullshit X-treme sports until the entire Olympics is an Mountain Dew-soaked shell of its former self.

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