Drill, Baby, Drill: Bull Scores Hole-In-One, Adds To Our Collection Of Terrific Goring Photos (Slideshow)

  • Rick Chandler

Nothing delights me more than a bull turning the tables and giving a matador animal torturer what he richly deserves: namely The Horn of Plenty. The latest photo for my collection comes from Madrid, where crotch-stuffing matador Rafael Cerro was speared in an unfortunate area and thrown across the ring by livestock. And it was not his first injury, oh no:

In April, the 23-year-old needed surgery after he was gored by a bull in another bullfight. He had to be treated in hospital when the bull’s horn pierced his scrotum and reached his abdominal cavity, according to reports.

But, despite his recent injuries was confident that it would be a ‘beautiful evening’.

Yes, it was a lovely night for a reaming.

Bullfighting was banned in the Spanish region of Catalonia, which includes the city of Barcelona, in 2011. While still legal in the rest of Spain, public interest in the “sport” is waning, with attendance at bullfights way down: making it the Miami Marlins of European sports. But despite this, Spanish lawmakers introduced legislation to make bullfighting a cultural heritage activity, which would overturn the Catalonia ban. The proposal will be put to the vote later this year.

Barbaric? Sure. Animal torture? Yes. But every once in a while the bull gets in a shot, and it’s pretty awesome. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites below, as these prancing fops get what they deserve.