Race Car Driver Forgoes Racing, Intentionally Rams Into Other Car, Provokes Fisticuffs

  • Glenn Davis

Our pals at Geekosystem have a category of posts called “The title pretty much says it all.” Look at the post titles within this category, and you’ll see why. And I can’t help but wonder, given what I titled the post you’re reading right now, whether we at SportsGrid couldn’t use a similar category ourselves.

Then again, while this title says a lot, what really says it all is the video you’ll see below. This all happened a few days ago at Sportsdrome Speedway in Indiana. I’m not sure what exactly led one driver to become so angered that he gave up on actually racing and instead elected to make a mockery of the event by driving across the infield specifically to crash into another driver, but he sure was angry… and the fans in attendance sure got an unexpected show:

You know, the fistfight was actually a good sign, since it offered proof that the other driver was apparently unhurt from having his car crashed into. Said Youtube user jeffcats, who uploaded the video above: “I believe both drivers have been suspended but for how long I’m not sure.” A while, we’d reckon. Especially the guy who, again, stopped racing so he could take a shortcut specifically to ram into someone else’s car. I’m not a racing expert by any stretch, but pretty sure that’s frowned-upon behavior.

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