Dude Perfect Most Dangerous/Impressive Trick Shot Yet: Moving Basket From 561 Feet

  • Jake O'Donnell

Though the basket is “moving” with the intention of making the ball go inside of it (it’s being carried by two other Dude Perfecteers), it doesn’t change the degree of difficulty, as even the slightest rim out would result in a potentially lethal ricochet. Though we doubt they actually got this on the first try, despite the editing that would make you think it was, we’re applauding this trick shot on all levels. The throw needed some serious mustard, and the entire stunt required gigantic, Texas-sized balls.

The previous world record was a measly 321 feet, accomplished by Australian trick shoot group “Dude Significantly Less Than Perfect.”

SCIENCE ALERT: We’re estimating that the ball must have been traveling in excess of 80 MPH when it hit the net, seeing as terminal velocity (122 MPH) is achieved after 15 seconds of free fall, and that ball was airborne for exactly 10 seconds. If you’re a smart person, please verify this information.