‘Dufnering’ Is Back, Because America Needs A Hero Who Is Listless, Slouched

  • Rick Chandler

It all began in a Texas classroom in March, where Jason Dufner was visiting with schoolkids and showing them a concentration exercise. A fateful photo was taken (see video below), and a meme was born.

And now that he’s won the PGA Champhionship, ‘Dufnering’ is sweeping the nation — nay, the world — anew.

Beware: this craze just may have legs.


“Got some notoriety for maybe something that was probably trying to hurt me a little bit and ran with it and it helped me a lot,” said Dufner. “I got a lot of fans because of it and people identified me through it and that was good.”

Until ‘Dufnering’, the only notoriety Dufner had was for spectacularly blowing a five-shot lead with four holes to play at the 2011 PGA Championship and eventually losing to Keegan Bradley in a playoff.

Have there been Photoshops, you ask? Oh yeah. Here’s a collection of some of the best, below: