Every State’s Most ‘Popular’ Athlete: LeBron James Wins New York, And Geno Smith Runs Somewhere Else?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

LeBron James Yankees Indians Hats

Our talented friend Andrew Powell-Morse from BestTickets.com likes to post cool graphs with cool sports data. His latest: Who is the most “popular” athlete in your state?

Those are some interesting results.

That said… the headline obviously exaggerates. The map shows the most-searched-for athletes… a completely different category than the most-popular athletes. But still interesting. I guess that LeBron James is the default most-searched-for, unless someone really popular in a state beats him out. With Derek Jeter on the decline, the Knicks sucking and no good quarterbacks to speak of (currently), I guess LeBron makes sense in New York. I didn’t think Adrian Peterson would rule four states. It’s crazy that Andrew Wiggins has a state already, prodigiousness aside.

And I know Geno Smith went to West Virginia, but, really?

There’s some other cool stuff on the blog about specific sports. Check it out.

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