Emerging Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Wants To Date Justin Bieber, Her Instagram Photos Make Us Want To Date Her

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ghostbuster’s logic suggests that, when someone asks you if you’re a God, you say, “Yes.” Conversely, if someone unexpectedly asks you who you want date, out of anyone on Earth, and you’re a 19-year-old professional tennis player — you say Bieber. Or at least that’s what 30th-seeded Eugenie Bouchard told a packed Rod Laver Arena.

Hey, go big or go home (he’s only, like, the MOST famous boy in the world #LOLZ).

Tennis-wise, Bouchard is steadily becoming “the next big thing,” as she’s risen to 31st from 145th last year at this time. Her secret? Beliebing in herself.

Excuse us, we mean believing. Ahem.

[The New York Times] “I do try to walk around like I belong there, and play like I belong, and every time I walk on the court I believe I can win,” she said. “I think that’s really important, to have that self-confidence. Off the court, I think I’m not cocky, I’m pretty humble, and I don’t want to act like I’ve been there when I haven’t. But when little things come, like winning some matches at Slams, I just try to take it in stride. Because I expect a lot from myself.

“So when it does happen, it’s like O.K., I knew I could do this, and now let’s go to the next thing.”

The only remaining North American left in the Australian Open (yes, Americans, you can take SOME credit for her success), Genie will face 4th ranked Li Na, Thursday in the Women’s singles quarterfinal. Bouchard will be ready, and so will you, once you frantically rummage through her greatest Instagram/Twitter photos. She’s got “tennis star” written all over her.


Photos via @fansgenie