SportsGrid Podcast Episode 10: The Uptons, Pittsburgh Hipsters And Quitting NMA

  • SportsGrid Staff

podcast 10

This week we discuss the traditional media’s approach to selling magazines (you’ll recognize the strategy), life in small but sports-crazy towns like Pittsburgh, hipsters and quitting via viral video. Your cast, as per usual: Eric GoldscheinMatt RudnitskyJake O’Donnell.

Table of Contents:

The Uptons on SI — 0:31

Kurt Vonnegut/Roald Dahl — 7:40

Life in Pittsburgh, and other MLB musings — 11:30

Hipster city — 20:35

Marina Shifrin, video quitter extraordinaire — 25:50

Remember: NSFW for both mature and immature content.

This week’s music: “No Hook” by The Passion HiFi.