SportsGrid Podcast Episode 5: Shots Fired

  • Eric Goldschein

This week on the SportsGrid podcast: Shots. They’ve been fired.

It all started when “The Young Turks,” an online news show, picked up our story — they used every single inch of it too, down to the thumbnail, so you’re welcome, Young Turks — about Bernie Kosar’s verbal dismantling of the Rams, and how ironic it was. It seems that Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (pictured above) didn’t like my take and scolded me for bringing young Lexxi Silver into the equation. “Daughter Of NFL Star A Porn Star?” runs about 10 minutes, and the two hosts manage to go the entire time without noticing the irony of their own editorial choices. In any case, we responded.

But there were plenty of other shots fired this week. From Kendrick Lamar taking aim at the rap game, Travis Johnson blasting Tony Romo for being a “thief,” or Alex Rodriguez preparing to go to war with the MLB, Matt Rudnitsky and I, Eric Goldschein, tackle it all. Plus, we give Justin Bieber some shit. The dog days of summer — they’re full of bullets. Imaginary bullets, made of words and wind.

Oh! And as a special surprise for those of you who have stuck with, this podcast actually sounds decent!


Music by: “Those You Used To Love” by Mr. & Mrs. Smith, via the Free Music Archive.