Eric Decker Now Has A Reality Show, Because His Wife Looks Like This, And They Apparently Have Crazy Sex (SLIDESHOW!)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The following is a re-post of a recent slideshow, but with the Denver Broncos constantly in the news, we thought it’d be nice for you to start your Columbus Day off with this very attractive couple. They’re probably having fun today, if Decker’s not working.

Eric Decker is married to Jessie James, who is a singer. Because they are possibly the “hottest husband and wife combo in sports,” as we once argued, they now have a reality show. You probably were unaware of this, because you were busy watching Decker catch footballs, which is what you know him for.

The show is called “Eric & Jessie: Game On,” presumably because Decker plays football, and “game on” is something you would say if you were a loser and wanted to challenge another loser to a game of football! The show premiered last night at 10 p.m., when the Patriots were playing the Falcons, so Decker probably didn’t even watch his own show! Or he didn’t watch two of the Broncos’ biggest challengers. He had to DVR one of them.

Here is a quick preview of the show, which likely doesn’t appeal to you, manly/womanly football fan. It does not appear to be more interesting than other reality drivel, besides the implication that they have crazy sex! (They can’t show the crazy sex on TV. Boo.)

Regardless of the show’s quality (and please enlighten us if you watched), we realized that we owe you a slideshow of the lovely couple. So, here it is. Sorry and you’re welcome.


Be kind and check out James and Decker on Twitter, since they were so nice to us with their supply of pageviews.

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