“Love Erin Either Naked Or In A Porn”: Today In Sports Radio Hosts Saying Dumb Things About Erin Andrews

  • Joe Levine

Don’t worry, female sports reporters. You can be super successful, even achieve your dreams and work for ESPN, but you will still be objectified by your male colleagues saying you belong in porn and should thank voyeurs for secretly filming you nude and putting the footage on the Internet.

Erin Andrews has had a very successful career as a sports reporter. At just 34 years old, she has already worked for ESPN and Fox Sports Network, and acted as a correspondent for Good Morning America. Granted, she is an attractive woman, which has certainly helped her career, but she does have more to offer than that. Some of her male colleagues don’t seem to think so and have made their opinions very known this week.

First, it was Miami radio personality Dan Sileo and WEEI’s John Dennis sharing a laugh over the 2009 illegal peephole video of Erin Andrews that invaded her privacy and landed the perpetrator in prison for 30 months:

Don’t worry, it gets worse.

Now, it’s WIP host Howard Eskin’s turn to be a disgusting pig. Take a look at the following video in which Eskin says, and I quote, “It’s like Erin Andrews ought to thank the guy that shot the nude video of her.”


I’m keeping my ear to the ground in case some self-proclaimed Sports Mule comes out of the woodwork to add to the meeting of the minds.

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