ESPN Announcer Blows Padraig Harrington’s Golf Ball Into The Hole

  • CJ Fogler

Join us as we listen to one of ESPN’s announcers blow a golf ball into the hole, even as it seems impossible from the picture for it not to have already gone in the hole.

The clip contains Chris Berman, we wanted to warn you of that in advance. But as Padraig Harrington’s golf ball somehow hangs on the lip of the hole, one of ESPN’s talking heads goes with the time tested joke of blowing the ball in the hole – and this time it actually worked.

It’s a hell of a dramatic moment on its own, but with the announcer actually blowing into the microphone like he can help it gets elevated to a level of parody only ESPN can achieve – even if said announcer is actually one of NBC’s used during ESPN’s weekday coverage.