There’s Gonna Be A Naked 77-Year-Old Golfer In ESPN Mag’s Body Issue (Oh, And Girls And Stuff)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

ESPN the Magazine‘s “Body Issue” is, to a degree, in competition with Sports Illustrated‘s ubiquitous “Swimsuit Issue.” They come out at different times and are quite different, but you get the point. The “Body Issue” is a spinoff of the “Swimsuit Issue,” and now ESPN has raised the stakes. Watch out, SI.

Nobdody will buy the “Swimsuit Issue,” because, regardless of your sexual preference, there’s no way you’d rather look at an attractive swimsuit model than this 77-year-old man, ass-naked.

I kid, Gary Player. You are in remarkable shape for a 77 year old. I hope to look like you at 27. The odds are against me.

Oh, and there are other people in the issue. It won’t be 200 pages of Gary Player’s saggy scrotum. Via For the Win:

ESPN The Magazine announced the names of the 21 athletes who will pose nude in its upcoming Body Issue, which hits newsstands July 12.

It’s a list of usual suspects including musclebound professional athletes like Vernon Davis, Giancarlo Stanton and Miesha Tate; more classic athletic builds like Agnieszka Radwanska and Kenneth Faried; the tall, John Isner and Kerri Walsh-Jennings; the short, Marlen Esparza and Carly Booth; the tattooed in Colin Kaepernick and John Wall; and, of course, the septuagenarian, Gary Player.

Also: Swin Cash, Courtney Force, Miesha Tate and Matt Harvey.

You know what this all means… slideshow!


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