Turns Out Not Reading His Own Mail Was Not A Good Enough Excuse For Backup Everton Keeper Jan Mucha To Disobey His Driving Ban

  • Dylan Murphy

On February 21st, Everton backup keeper Jan Mucha, who is starting in place of the injured Tim Howard, was pulled over in his Audi Q7. This was 19 days before his six-month driving ban was set to expire, and so Mucha landed himself another court date. Now, you might wonder why Mucha would drive 19 days before the ban ended – he’s a professional soccer player, after all, and can probably get someone to chauffeur him around for a few months.

Yeah, it’s as dumb as you expected, according to the Liverpool Echo:

“The 30-year-old was yesterday ordered to do 250 hours unpaid work by magistrates after being caught driving through Wilmslow, Cheshire, while banned from the road.

He told police in interview he had no idea he was not allowed to drive because he simply passed all his own mail on to the club to read and sort.

Michelle Brown, defending, later said Mucha was aware he was disqualified until March 12 and had simply miscalculated when the ban ended.

But she admitted the Slovakian international lived in a “very insular world” and said he would take more care in the future to manage his own affairs.”

Ah, yes, just a classic case of athlete-doesn’t-manage-own-life. And the sad part is that it’s probably true, if we had to guess. Now, we can’t decide whether this is better or worse than the “Do you know who I am?” evasive maneuver, waging battle in a court of law instead. Probably worse, because judges are less likely to turn a blind eye – as evidenced by the 250 hours of unpaid work awarded to Mucha for his epistle apology.

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