Excerpt From '101 Fantasy Football Tips' E-book

  • David Gonos

101 Fantasy Football Tips ebook

The following is a chapter from “101 Fantasy Football Tips,” an e-book written by myself and 50 different Fantasy Football writers from 38 different websites.

I’ve been writing about Fantasy Sports online for about 14 years now, including five years as a Senior Fantasy Writer at CBSSports.com, and my current columns at SportsIllustrated.com. I’ve built up a ton of great connections with other Fantasy writers through the years, and I decided to publish this compilation.

It’s a one-of-a-kind e-book (in PDF form), and it costs $5, which is below the price of most Fantasy Football magazines.

You’ll see that it’s quite difficult to find pieces written by Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard of CBSSports.com, in the same spots as John Halpin of FoxSports.com, Eric Mack of Bleacher Report, Nando Di Fino of FNTSY Sports Network and Peter Schoenke of RotoWire.com.

Each chapter is about 500 words long, and the tips range from Draft Tips, to Waiver Wire Tips, to tips on working with each specific Fantasy position, to Trade Tips, and a handful of other tip categories, including Daily Fantasy Football.

Below is one of my 51 tips, which are mixed in throughout the 50 other writers.

101 Fantasy Football Tips -- An e-book by David Gonos


“Learn From Fantasy History”

By David Gonos, @DavidGonos


Category: Draft Tips

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” That’s a famous quote from George Santayana, who played a mean guitar and loved some black magic women.

With that in mind, those who do not learn Fantasy history are doomed to repeat a finish outside of the playoffs.

Smart Fantasy Football owners will look at last year’s drafts and the ones before that in a particular league they’re in. Try to see some patterns from the different owners in your league that have been there the longest.

8 Questions to Answer About Your League’s History

Here are the questions you want to ask as you look at old drafts:

1. Which owners have drafted a running back in the first round every single year?

2. Which owners seem to be the first to pull the trigger on a position like Tight End?

3. Which owners wait on quarterback the latest?

4. Which owners go WR-heavy, rather than RB-heavy in the early rounds?

5. Which owners seem to take rookies relatively high every season?

6. Which owners always go RB/RB in the first two rounds?

7. Which owners never take rookies?

8. Which owners have always drafted one way, only to completely change in recent years – and has their change affected their team’s place in the standings?

You might even be able to think of other questions you could ask involving the owners in your past drafts.

After you’ve figured out the answers to all of those questions, you’ll likely have some good notes to add about a lot of the owners in your league.

Hopefully, the answers to those questions also point out some of your tendencies. Figure out if your tendencies bring you success – and if they don’t, change!

Gonos is so old, he once did a 10 Commandments Mock Draft with Moses. “Thou Shalt Not Steal” dropped to fifth overall, and ironically, was considered a real steal!

You can buy the “101 Fantasy Football Tips” e-book for $5 at DavidGonos.com.