Note: Even If You Run Onto The Field Just To Hug A Player, You Will Be Treated Like Any Other Field Rusher

  • Glenn Davis

Look, I’m not gonna sit here, lie to you, and say I don’t get the urge to hug Lionel Messi. It’s like wanting to hug a puppy. Look at him: the boyish joy. The elven frame. Who wouldn’t want to squeeze him like the softest teddy bear? The urge to do it, though, is a little different from actually doing it, and especially different from, say, doing it by running onto the pitch midgame:

In all seriousness, I’m not sure I’d have wanted any part of returning this hug at all, were I Messi. Field-rushers can be an unstable sort. He’s lucky that getting taken off the pitch was all that happened to him… and also that, you know, it took security that long to get to him. And imagine if he did have malicious intent: what more harmless player could he have gone after than Messi? Would’ve been a gutless move. You go after Messi, you’re pretty much going after this: