Manchester United Fans Pissed On Mario Balotelli’s Car And Bare-Assed His Back Window (NSFW)

  • Dylan Murphy

In recent days, rumors regarding Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli’s transfer to AC Milan have been heating up. Today they were confirmed, Balotelli heading back to Italy for a £19.5 million fee and a contract through 2017.

All of that is good and well, but we’re more interested in The Sun’s report (and pictures!) of some Manchester United fans pissing on Balotelli’s car and bare-assing the windshield. Balotelli was out Sunday night eating at Zouk, an Indian Restaurant (with mostly positive reviews) in Manchester, when the fans noticed his $160,000, vinyl-wrap-camoflouged Bentley. Naturally one guy decided to take a leak all over it, while another rubbed his ass on the back windshield, thumbs up included.

Then our star-pisser-turned-elusive-criminal posted the photos on Twitter, but eventually deleted the account because someone reportedly tipped off police. No word on whether they’ve been caught or anything, but let’s take this opportunity to look at some of their artistic renderings.

Man Makes Pee:

Man Meets Machine:

Shall we say, not safe for work?

His car just can’t catch a break.

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