Fans Shout “Fried Chicken” At Sergio Garcia On Tee Box (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sergio turned a personal dispute between he and Tiger Woods into a weird racial/cultural one when he made a “joke” about the two settling the beef over “fried chicken”. Inexcusably assholey. Fans at Merion aren’t letting this go, though, as they can be heard shouting “friend chicken” at Sergio as he waits to tee off. Smooth.

Sergio, who has apologized profusely for the poor attempt at humor, chose not to have the fans escorted out. Cops apparently asked him, and he said no. What a nice guy for someone who clearly is a smidge racist. Maybe he empathized with the boisterous fans, who themselves don’t seem to realize how obnoxious it sounds to shout a symbolic racial stereotype in a crowded area.

That’s like going to a Justin Beiber concert and shouting “Anne Frank”.